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About me

Hello đź‘‹
My name is Siw Utheim Pedersen. Born in 1974 at Ankenes outside Narvik, but have lived all my adult life in Tromsø.

I find great joy in spending countless hours out in the mountains, always with the drawing materials in my bag, summer and winter.

For me, the mountains represent a sense of freedom. Sitting high up there gives me a deep calm and inspiration which often results in new projects, creative ideas and not least art with "real mountain magic".
I have different expressions in my art. You can see that in my gallery here on the website and in Siw UP. GALLERY in Storgata 24 in the center of Tromsø.
I work on paper, digitally, on canvas and directly on the wall. I always do my utmost to ensure that my customers are satisfied with assignments/services I offer.
In 2015 I started my company "Siw Utheim Pedersen". My pictures turned out to touch many different people in different age groups and walks of life.
I quickly received offers for various drawing and painting assignments. From then on, my hobby has been a big part of my everyday work life. In 2018, I resigned from my long-standing teaching job, and went 100% into a new and unknown world. Self-employed with all that entails. exciting! Didn't regret a single day!

With my art and my illustrations, I want to spread happy colors and big, good smiles.

I hope to inspire you to follow your heart, dream big and create your own tracks on the way to new goals and adventures.

Siw UP.


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